David Fiorucci

CEO, LP3 Luminary

David Fiorucci
ECO, LP3 Luminary

Because leadership is constantly changing in today’s dynamic business environment, creative frameworks that go beyond the constraints of conventional models are needed. Businesses struggle with a multitude of leadership theories, each offering a different viewpoint on efficient management. The need for a coherent and integrative approach emerges from this diversity, opening the door for models such as LP³ Leadership to assume a central role.

Within the field of leadership theories, LP³ is distinguished as a benchmark model that prioritizes integration with pre-existing concepts over competition. It provides a unified language that is understood at all organizational levels by introducing a common code and benchmark. This flexibility welcomes different leadership paradigms and turns them into mutually beneficial partners in the success of the organization.

At the helm of LP³ Leadership is David Fiorucci, the visionary CEO whose extensive 27 years of management experience have culminated in a model that transcends traditional boundaries. Fiorucci’s commitment to practicality and applicability is evident in the LP³ model, a fruit of his dedication to making leadership principles accessible and impactful at every level of an organization.

Knowing David Fiorucci

Born on February 16, 1968 in Fribourg, in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, to Italian parents, David Fiorucci grew up in a household who adored the language of French, while instilling in him strong humility and love for hard work and dedication. Having spoken French at home also helped him cope up in school without much trouble. His father was a cabinetmaker, woodcarver and marquetry maker from Umbria, Italy, and his mum came from Piedmont, Italy, who was a very hardworking woman and did everything to make ends meet, be it selling flowers, cleaning offices and finally settling for working in a large Swiss retail chain. 


David spent his entire childhood in Bulle, the capital of Gruyère, a wonderful region of Switzerland, which is currently undergoing enormous development, where his family were first among the immigrants, who clearly felt the difference. So much so that, at school, immigrant kids were sometimes put aside or treated disrespectfully. It was in reaction to these reflections and behaviors that David wanted to be good, the best, and this, for example, in their language, French. “So I wrote poetry and worked hard to succeed, and forged part of my character and gave me the strength to move forward and want to progress”, exclaimed David.


Talking about his passions and hobbies growing up, David shared – “Sport, music, leading groups and maintaining a positive, dynamic atmosphere, as well as spending time with friends, have always been important to me”. Continuing on this very topic, he added – “My real passion has always been astronomy, the universe, and from an early age, I wanted to become an astronaut, to go to the stars”.


Faced with two distinct paths, David Fiorucci considered the realms of arts and sciences. Contemplating whether to follow his father’s artistic legacy and study Fine Arts in Florence, Italy, or delve into the sciences with a focus on Physics and later Astrophysics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), he ultimately chose the latter. This decision was influenced by uncertainties about the financial viability of pursuing art. Fiorucci’s tenure at EPFL, however, proved to be brief, as he discovered that the large auditoriums, accommodating over 200 students listening to lectures, did not align with his aptitude.


After six months, Fiorucci redirected his academic trajectory, opting for a course in chemical engineering at the Ecole d’Ingénieurs in Fribourg. Driven by a need for something more grounded, tangible, and practical, chemistry became the catalyst that propelled him forward.


Looking back 30 years later, Fiorucci affirms that this shift was the right choice. It not only provided him with numerous opportunities but also significantly influenced his character, shaping the way he leads his teams, companies, associates, and himself. Describing his role as a “catalyst” and “gardener” of the human being, Fiorucci acknowledges the enduring impact of his chosen path.

A Journey of Innovation and Leadership

David Fiorucci embarked on a unique academic journey, pursuing chemical engineering in Fribourg. Notably, his studies included a distinctive feature – a branch in physical chemistry taught in German, reflecting the richness of his educational experience. For his diploma thesis, Fiorucci embraced a challenge, developing conductive polymers that garnered a patent from Monsanto in the USA, marking a significant achievement early in his career.


His professional journey commenced with a position at Câblerie de Cortaillod, where Fiorucci’s innovative contributions to Research and Development, including a European-patented cable, propelled him into the spotlight. This success allowed him to share his knowledge through lectures and media appearances, igniting a passion for communication and a deeper purpose in life.


Driven by a commitment to contribute to a better world and sustainable economy, Fiorucci sought diverse experiences. Additional education in environmental management, adult education, quality systems, strategic management, and fundamental ethics equipped him with a holistic foundation. His pursuit continued with a MASTER’s in “Management des Organisations et Gestion du Capital Humain,” earning him the prestigious Chris Argyris prize for self-reflection.


David Fiorucci underwent a transformative journey in his career, marked by three distinct stages of evolution. Initially, in the early phase of his professional journey, his focus was on personal success—a goal he successfully achieved. Transitioning to the second stage, Fiorucci recognized the significance of prioritizing the success of the companies he served. This shift in perspective highlighted the understanding that the collective success of the organization surpassed individual achievements.


However, the most profound realization occurred in the third stage, where Fiorucci embraced a more holistic approach. Here, he discovered that the ultimate measure of success lies in the success of others. Understanding that when individuals thrive, the company flourishes, and personal success naturally follows, helped him towards ensuring the prosperity of the organization but also towards cultivating a positive and fulfilling work environment where collaboration and shared success became the driving forces.

Nurturing Excellence Globally with LP3

As the founder and CEO of LP3, David Fiorucci has been driven by a long-standing commitment to contribute to a better world through leadership. Recognizing leadership as a powerful catalyst for positive change, Fiorucci aimed to help leaders understand and maximize their impact, fostering excellence both in professional and private spheres. His journey began over three decades ago when he faced skepticism from his teams about the practicality of leadership training.


Motivated to bridge the gap between theory and practice, Fiorucci identified three key prerequisites for effective leadership implementation: a common understanding, coherence, and simplicity associated with positive emotions. This realization led him to formulate the three fundamental questions that underpin the LP3 approach: “What makes a good leader, a good team, and a good partner for you?” The LP3 approach has since garnered over 35,000 responses worldwide, revealing nine dimensions that encapsulate the essence of leadership.


In the initial five years of establishing the LP3 brand, Fiorucci strategically detached it from personal association, successfully anchoring it in Switzerland. With a global vision, he now focuses on expanding the network internationally, creating LP3 Hubs in various countries. Fiorucci aims not merely for the growth of LP3 but for the widespread deployment of its method and tools through licensed and independent LP3 trainers and partners who share his values. To achieve this, he has developed a unique franchise approach, allowing partners to personalize the LP3 approach and contribute to its impact and relevance.


As Fiorucci envisions the next phase of LP3’s evolution, he plans to step back gradually, concentrating on developing and training new partners, creating innovative tools, and realizing his dream of establishing the “Cloister” of suspended time—a concept explained in detail on his personal website, where he shares the strategies and levers he employs to make a lasting impact (

Living Leadership

David Fiorucci embodies the essence of LP3 Leadership by putting its nine dimensions into tangible practice. Furthermore, Fiorucci contributes prolifically to the Swiss magazine, where his blog features over 40 articles. These articles, providing concrete sequences and insights into the paths and tools he employs, are not only available on his website but are also translated into English, German, and Italian. Serving as valuable resources, these articles, ranging from 2 to 4 pages in length, serve as handouts in the leadership training courses conducted by Fiorucci.


What sets Fiorucci’s leadership apart is his commitment to living out the principles he advocates. The consistency between his words and actions is the linchpin to his success. On an organizational level, Fiorucci has established an advisory board comprising the five key partners of LP3 SA. This strategic council plays a pivotal role in supporting Fiorucci in crucial decisions and shaping the future trajectory of LP3 and its community.

Shaping Tomorrow

In contemplating the future, David Fiorucci unveils a clear vision. In the coming year, he plans to launch LP3 octocracy, a new brand set to revolutionize organizational structures by introducing a power distribution model within companies. Drawing inspiration from holacracy and his affinity for the octopus, Fiorucci envisions a unique approach that retains leadership while incorporating effective elements of holacracy.


Collaborating with a co-author for their fourth book, Fiorucci is gearing up to launch a crowdfunding campaign. The funds raised will finance the establishment of a publishing house, the printing and publication of the multilingual book “LP3 octocracy” (EN/DE/FR), adopting the “Cradle to Cradle” printing method, the initiation of the LP3 community, and the staging of an LP3 conference in 2025.


Simultaneously, Fiorucci is actively working towards the realization of the “Cloister of Suspended Time,” a visionary project requiring CHF 25,000,000 for its initial phase and an annual investment of CHF 1,000,000 to ensure sustainability. Once the necessary funds are secured, Fiorucci plans to sell LP3 SA and redirect the resources towards this ambitious project, marking the potential fulfillment of a dream that signifies his elevated contribution to a better world.


In addition to the Cloister project, Fiorucci aspires to see LP3 expand globally and exert influence on corporate boards. His commitment to passing on knowledge and acting as a catalyst for positive change remains unwavering, reflecting his identity as a “gardener of human beings.”

LP3 Luminary


David Fiorucci
Chief Executive Officer


The LP³ model enables a common guidance language to be applied throughout the company that is understandable by everybody at all levels (Board of Directors, CEO, Executive Board, management staff and employees). It therefore permits the conditions for efficient and consistent leadership to be created.

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