Mark Duddridge
Chair Cornwall & Isles of Scilly LEP, Chair Great South West Group of LEPs

Feras El Hajjar | Founder & Chairman of Infosysta | Founder & CEO of App4Legal

In a journal revealed once the G7 was proclaimed, you asked folks to appear on the far side ‘pasties and Poldark’ and open their eyes to a replacement county. What did you mean by that?

 It alludes to 2 massive things extremely. In county we have a tendency to currently have opportunities to reshape our economy going forward, significantly round the inexperienced agenda. we’ve got comparatively tiny businesses down here rising in areas that may well be completely immense. as an example, if we have a tendency to see floating offshore wind accomplished within the Celtic ocean, by 2030 that might be a £10 billion investment, not simply the things that goes out on the ocean however the assembly, servicing, the ability returning onto land etc. We’re setting out to get real traction behind the georesources argument, Li and minerals. And Li is de facto exciting, as a result of it’s not simply the finding it and mining it however it’s additionally the refinement method of it. At the instant, Li round the world is shipped intercontinentally, that the value of doing that and also the carbon impact of manufacturing batteries is large. we’ve got a chance in county of doing it dead virtually one place. And we’re seeing heaps of interest around house and information. Hopefully launches from Newquay can begin next year then we will begin to appear at {the information|the info|the information} application returning from those satellites; Goonhilly and large data, and a few of the investments there. By 2030, if we’re not encircled by these style of things, i feel everyone are going to be extremely discomfited. however the opposite facet of Poldark and pasties is however will we reconfigure our ancient industries as well? We’ve got an incredible name as a visitant destination and for our food and drink and fishing, however those industries are clobbered by Covid, most likely lost overrun a billion pounds in revenue over the last year. and that we additionally grasp they’re historically comparatively low paid and seasonal, therefore we’re wanting additionally the way to redefine those industries and broaden the scope in terms of seasons. will we build a number of the provide a lot of environmentally regenerative, differing types of holidays? however will we up the total provide to form certain the standard of what folks get in county continues to improve? then ensuring we’re investment within the right skills agenda to travel behind it. So, we have a tendency to see the key planks of amendment in county being unlocking a number of these massive structural things, that is why we’re therefore keen that the govt. appearance a touch long term around funding opportunities therefore we will lock within the non-public cash to travel behind it. It’s additionally concerning obtaining behind our ancient businesses and creating them way more competitive. And behind all of that being aware that we’ve got some communities with real difficulties in terms of skills, deprivation and earning levels and that we grasp going forward they need to be revitalized and invigorated and that we have to be compelled to get a lot of folks back to work. So, with ‘Pasties and Poldark’, we’ve got such an incredible complete strength, however however will we get beneath that and check that a lot of of the worth of that sticks in Cornwall?

Why does one suppose the Prime Minister selected county to host G7?

 We’re extremely delighted that he did! Cornwall’s international name for the items we’ve mentioned, being an area to go to and dine out, family time is vital, however i feel likewise, the govt. recognises we have a tendency to need to be a frontrunner. folks name the fourth technological revolution, with our resources around it in terms of energy – wind, geothermal, groundsource. Also, there’s immense interest in unlocking the potential of house as a vast market. county could be a bit between and between at the moment; it’s evolving into a awfully totally different|completely different} place which different place is de facto relevant to the kind of growth the govt. desires. Hosting G7 won’t get folks reaching for his or her order books immediately, however it’ll facilitate draw investors to a number of these rising areas.

What gift would you wish hosting the summit to leave?

There seems to be a temperament from Government to form certain there’s an on the spot gift and also the environmental bias towards that’s terribly welcome. however within the medium to long run, in 5-10 years county can hopefully recall and suppose what an incredible chance we have a tendency to had to speak to the planet. It won’t be the solution, however it’ll be an enormous positive stimulus on the thanks to making one thing completely different.

A good look window for attracting future investment?

 There’s heaps of interest from investors in energy and geo-resources, however it’s additionally encouraging Cornish businesses to appear once more at wherever their market ought to be, raising ambition levels not solely of companies however additionally teens to visualize those world leaders here. Things like house as an example, the programme has been partaking with faculty youngsters that has been massively powerful. And building those bridges between trade bodies and investment bodies, Government, Department for International Trade and folks like that, it’s relationships like that which will bear fruit. and that i suspect which will be the important gift.


Can Cornwall’s lovely natural landscape facilitate in attracting inward investment, notably within the wake of the pandemic?

The impact of that’s two-fold. there’s heaps of house shopping for at the instant, a recognition that it’s an attractive place to measure and work. however that whole impact on housing are some things that’s terribly profound and Cornwall can got to work however we have a tendency to reply to that conjointly. the opposite a part of that’s there’ll be folks around gazing our business and traveller economy thinking these might be very sound investments going forward. i do know we have a tendency to spoke regarding extending the seasons, however the interest in health and prosperity and therefore the nice outdoors, will {we very|we actually} begin to create inroads into creating it a a lot of yearround industry? will we have a tendency to hang back those very novel industries gazing environmental regeneration and experiential holidays and not simply the family facet of it? We’ve got some really lovely places that aren’t overrun within the summer {and we have a tendency to|and that we} got to suppose however we fuck otherwise, as a result of there’s a risk our hot spots have too several guests. we would like to make a rather completely different traveller economy, a lot of folks being used for extended and that we got to hang back the abilities agenda, as a result of we have a tendency to area unit still finding it troublesome attracting the correct folks. we’ve some fantastic any and better Education resources currently in Cornwall. we’ve South West Institute of Technology near to be launched in addition, {and those|and folks} people area unit very operating closely along. we’d like to essentially hang back the abilities agenda, however not only for {young folks|children|kids|youngsters|teenagers|teens|adolescents|tykes|youth} however conjointly people my age United Nations agency might have reskilling as our economy changes. we’d like that means of thinking, instead of simply short shovel-ready competitive bids, that area unit welcome, however they’re not progressing to build the distinction that we’d like.

LEPs are going eleven years currently since effectively substitution the RDAs. however does one gauge their success?

 i believe LEPs area unit strange organisations that area unit laborious to grasp, as a result of they sit in a very house between non-public business and government, however we’re preponderantly a private-sector junction rectifier body. though there’s heap of variation up and down the country, LEPs tend to make around distinct economies. That ability to suppose strategically regarding what must happen. however conjointly not simply the strategy, however conjointly operating severally with partners, connexion up Government, authorities with non-public businesses and rising sectors. after we were talking regarding Newquay changing into a spaceport for instance, the LEP has invariably been a key partner in lecture the united kingdom house Agency, Virgin Orbit, the Council, lobbying the govt, lecture businesses United Nations agency could also be a part of that provide chain. that sort of strategic thinking and propulsion teams of individuals along is de facto key. and therefore the different space we have a tendency to live ourselves on is that the delivery programmes, after we get opportunities to take a position directly. area unit we have a tendency to able to get those monies away and {do we have a tendency to|can we|will we} get the results we need? within the youth it had been massive transport upgrades like the A30 and rail, lately it’s been a lot of regarding obtaining behind non-public businesses and step amendment growth, or operating round the skills agenda.

The LEP here is simply for Cornwall and Scilly. will that build it easier than had it been based mostly in Exeter for example?

Yes. Having solely 2 councils to upset is essential. The LEPs area unit supported smart economic geographies and Cornwall makes heaps of sense in its title. it’s a awfully distinctive earth science and economy. we have a tendency to do share constant issues with a lot of of the south west earth, however we have a tendency to don’t share it with places like Bristol, South Wales or Gloucester. thus having one thing based mostly round the earth science of the LEPs is sensible each in trying tiny and looking out massive. there’s heaps of focus at the instant from Government on what those economic entities ought to be and that i very hope Cornwall can keep because it is, as a result of i believe it works down here.

 does one suppose Whitehall understands Cornwall?

I think mostly it will. The Whitehall folks we have a tendency to work most closely with down here, completely perceive Cornwall. Our issue is maybe through national policy being a lot of aligned to London, the north, cities – completely different economies than ours. And popping out of Covid and therefore the disruption to markets caused by Brexit, the necessity to desperately rekindle economies has in all probability junction rectifier to a a lot of short