The relationship between risk management and human resource development management



The construct of human resources management has hyperbolic within the last years, not solely as associate degree ideology however conjointly as a technique to support an establishment.

Modern management believes that the long-run success depends on the connection between cadres and productivity.

The idea same that workers area unit supported by trade laws and trade unions activity ought to be reviewed to confirm continuity of the establishment within the future.

There area unit 2 trends of ideas conducted from the expertise of human resources management:

  • The vision of human resources management that has structured development and potency growth of people within the establishment.
  • The vision oriented to a business that needs providing service and making competition among workers.

These 2 ideas indicate that if one thing goes wrong, the people and establishments take responsibility, and this can cause loss. However, risk management came to forestall loss for each of them.


Risk management:

It is a method of measure and evaluating risks and developing ways to manage them. These ways embrace transferring risks to a different party, avoiding them, minimizing their negative effects, and acceptive some or all of their consequences.

It is conjointly outlined as a management activity aimed to manage risks and scale back them to acceptable levels. Or additional accurately, it’s a method of characteristic, measuring, dominant and reducing the risks facing the corporate or establishment.


Human resources risk management:

The risk management set up needs full thought to several aspects. Thus, establishments ought to implement the danger management set up effectively.

In general, risk management suggests that risk identification, valuation, and ranking so as of importance. If risk management is applied within the field of human resources, this implies understanding the risks that face workers and their activities.

Risk statement, attending to scale back the probability of them to occur and finding risk mitigation solutions area unit the elements of any risk management set up.

The main challenges of a property establishment area unit the risks of people, business and challenges, performance, and wages and the way to manage of these risks.


Potential human resource risks

The most vital risks associated with individuals:


  • Risks associated with the culture of the establishment and misunderstanding of people due to their attitudes. they’re typically negative reactions.
  • Behavioral risks of people through extralegal matters that area unit incompatible with business ethics like fraud, theft, complicity, exploitation of private matters.
  • Not golf shot the proper person within the right place.
  • Negative result from the dismissal of qualified workers.
  • Non-compliance of people to applicable laws.
  • Employee turnover (affects the team/direct impact on the kind of productivity of recent employees).
  • Resignation of workers and failure to produce the specified one.
  • Reducing the dimensions of the many out there workers, new retirement and also the negative risks related to increasing employment.
  • Lack of coming up with of manpower and absence of clearly outlined performance standards to live and manage performance.
  • Lack of coaching and development to enhance performance.
  • Financial abuse, discrimination practices and medical issues.
  • Absence of safety and health laws that meet the requirements of workers.

Ways to manage risks:                      

  • Understand human resources management and personnel of risks and establish the risks that face human resources above all.
  • Assess every kind of risk and grade them.
  • Develop a technique to avoid every risk and establish steps speculated to forestall them.
  • Motivate people to figure, and concentrate on supporting the worker in in agreement and planned tasks.
  • Create associate degree pliable manpower, not subject to ancient practices.
  • Correct the polarization and accomplishment method in a very positive method by commutation workers within the rotation or polarization method for whom they need been trained or hyperbolic the scientific competence.
  • How to set up human resources and respond quickly to labor policy changes by senior management.
  • Develop the employee’s skills by providing risk management courses and human resources management coaching courses in London, Dubai, or online.

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The reason of applying the danger management of human resources

Most establishments begin developing a separate risk management set up as a result of reaching strategic goals depends on people initially. it’s possible to enhance performance and supply higher service and productivity.



The human component is that the main supply of to manage risk by operating so the risks of human resources threaten the continuity and property of the establishment, and so all workers should gain an accurate understanding of the danger management methodology with a technique that avoids creating mistakes and helps to attain the objectives.