Marina is a strong believer in technology as a tool for solving some of society's and businesses most pressing issues.

Marina Arnaout began her career in technology by assisting a Microsoft Partner in bringing a new product to market.

Marina Arnaout

Technological Whiz at Marin Software, London

Marina Arnaout is the Customer Success Director at Marin Software in London. It is a cross-channel advertising platform that optimizes search, social media, and display ads across multiple channels and platforms. Arnaout previously serves as the Regional Digital Head at a business analytics company called SAS where she led teams in Canada and Latin America to modernize and restructure by executing development and digital acquisition strategies. She is currently an M.S. candidate in Global Business Management at the London School of Economics and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Communications from York University.

An interview with Marina Arnaout;

How did you first develop an interest in analytics and digital strategy?

Arnaout: I started my professional journey in technology helping a Microsoft Partner go to market with a new product. It set me up on a trajectory into the fast-paced world of tech. I am also a huge advocate and believer that technology is an enabler that solves some of the most crucial problems in society and business.

You are the Customer Success Director at Marin Software. How did you come to join Marin Software and what are some initiatives you have led here?

Arnaout: I have recently relocated to London, UK from Toronto, Canada, and joined Marin Software. Funny story – I was actually a client of Marin at my previous role in Toronto! Life works in mysterious ways…

Can you tell us about some of your graduate research at LSE about scaling global technology organizations in emerging markets?

Arnaout: I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree at the London School of Economics in global business management. It’s an international program that focuses on global business and emerging markets and with it comes a dissertation piece, which I will focus on the benefits of technology on business and society especially as it relates to digital innovation.

What are the biggest challenges you face in your work and how do you seek to overcome them?

Arnaout: Every day has a different challenge and that’s part of the fun! In life and in work, problem-solving is a crucial skill.

Can you talk about one woman who has impacted you?

Arnaout: I meet inspiring people on many different occasions that leave an impact and motivate action and ideas. The unique part is continuously bridging this all together.

What advice would you have for individuals interested in pursuing careers in digital marketing and strategy?

Arnaout: Find what it is you like to do and talk to people who are doing it.

What are your favorite books, websites, films, and/or resources?

Arnaout: The Economist,, Forbes, and (shameless plug!)

Aspart of my series regarding the ladies leading the factitious Intelligence business, I had the pleasure of interviewing dockage Arnaout. Arnaout with success helps businesses embrace innovative ways that enhance their digital investments. She’s command the role of client Success Director at Marin package, collaborating with enterprises across EMEA, and Regional Head of Digital at SAS package, spearheading the analytics leader’s international digital strategy, that won her recognition in promoting Magazine’s annual thirty underneath thirty in 2016. presently she is associate degree account relationship manager at Microsoft operating with prime tier shoppers in serving to develop digital ways across Microsoft advertising properties, associate degreed could be a masters candidate at London faculty of social science pursing an government international Masters in Management degree, focusing her analysis on AI and also the client journey.