Sonja Eliason in to support girl's education.

Sonja is also a member of the Harvard Franklin Fellowship and a knowledge analyst at the Harvard Science of the Human Past Initiative.

Sonja Eliason

Student Wiz and Revolutionary Executive Director at Circle of Women

Sonja Eliason is that the administrator of Circle of ladies, a student-run noncommercial started in 2006 to support girl’s education through designing and funding construction comes in developing countries. She is presently a junior at Harvard, learning Human biological process Biology and History. She is additionally a knowledge Analyst at the Harvard Science of the Human Past Initiative and a member of the Harvard’s Franklin Fellowship, that focuses on improvement by delivery reputable speakers to debate optimizing ability, productivity, and failing forward.

Eliason joined Circle of ladies when being introduced to the organization through a mentor in her freshman year in school. She joined because the National monetary Director. throughout her tenure, she helped develop their current monetary model and worked on reorganizing the noncommercial registrations. when a year there, she became the chief Director. Circle of ladies has completed 2 comes since then; a dormitory in African country and a dormitory, a room, and a pc science lab in Bharat. In Circle of ladies, Eliason internally redesigned and formalized the structure of the Chapter to enhance communication, transparency, and potency.

When asked concerning her favorite a part of operating with Circle of ladies, Eliason replied “The people”. everybody that she has met, from the ladies at alternative faculties WHO show extreme dedication and exertions to the women and college administrators she meets through her comes area unit a number of the foremost ennobling individuals she has met. They cue her of the importance and that means of their work.

As mentioned earlier, Eliason may be a knowledge Analyst at the Harvard Science of the Human Past Initiative. She believes that if you have got the privilege of attending university, you must make the most of the immersive intellectual atmosphere that you simply area unit in. per Eliason, faculty is that the best time to geek out. Her version of geeking out is knowledge Analysis. She records incidents of the plague from varied documents from the Roman and Post-

Roman era so compiles them into freely accessible on-line databases that permits for overlay into totally different historical factors like droughts, trade routes, wars, etc with instances of plague and lets the user build reciprocality observations.

Circle of ladies is careful to not have interaction in something that might comparable to being thought of as “voluntourism”. it’s the observe of victimization given funds to send volunteers to go to comes. Instead, they selected to fund the comes directly which implies that they’re ne’er truly gift in the flesh wherever the project is being meted out. Hence, it’s necessary for them to search out trustworthy partners at the sites directly and to collaborate with alternative NGOs and nonprofits on the bottom so as to create positive that the funds getting used area unit used as with efficiency as doable. this can be one among the foremost long components of their comes and a monumental event in their method|biological process} process.

Eliason’s recommendation to future leaders of nonprofits is to possess an honest team. She believes that {they area unit|they’re} those WHO are reaching to keep you going once it gets overwhelming and it’s doable to accomplish a lot of with a powerful team at your helm. She additionally advises taking time and to mirror deeply on what your goal is. “Take a glance back at the impact you’ve already had to cue yourself of why this work is essential. It’s therefore easy—when you’re over-involved by work, exams, the gist frustrations—to forget the large image that produces this work worthwhile. however you’re doing one thing nice and significant and you should feel sensible concerning it.”

Eliason’s feminine model has been her highschool dean. “She was my dean from sophomore through senior year. She was implausibly confirmative, encouraging, all the items you’d need a dean to be. however she was additionally the primary adult in my life WHO ne’er hesitated to mention “suck it up.” At a amount in my life wherever I felt like i used to be at the same time experiencing my initial huge failures moreover as attempting to outline for myself those things that mattered to ME, having her robust support showed ME however sturdy i used to be capable of being. Even once she referred to as ME out, I knew she had 100% religion in ME.” She was the embodiment of “no one aforementioned it’d be simple, they simply aforementioned it’d be worthwhile.”

Eliason may be a immense fiction fan. magnificence of Hedgehog is her favorite novel. Her prose favorite would be Lessons of History. She additionally reads Skimm each morning.