A worldwide initiative on schoolnology developed by ladies tech entrepreneurs.

Virginia Tan is the co-founder and president of Lean In China, a women’s platform with over 100,000 members

Virginia Tan

Dynamic Leader and Founder of Lean In China

Virginia Tan is that the co-founder and president of Lean In China, a women’s platform with over one hundred,000 members unfold across over twenty five cities and one hundred universities in China. Tan has been a speaker at United Nations agency, Baidu, General electrical, Bloomberg, British people Council, Facebook, the Guanghua college of Management at capital of Red China University, Tsinghua University, Singapore Management University, etc. She co-founded her start-up in 2015 because the 1st cross-border start-up competition for girls entrepreneurs. She has conjointly started She Loves school, a worldwide initiative that focuses on schoolnology developed by ladies tech entrepreneurs. Tan is additionally a introduction partner at Teja Ventures that is Asia’s 1st gender lens capital fund that targets early-stage ladies impact firms. Tan comes from a law and finance background wherever she had expertise with finance lawyers for over eight years. She has worked in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America. In 2013, she affected to Peiping to figure on strategic investments associated with the “One Belt One Road” initiative on behalf of Chinese state-owned firms and money establishments.

Career Highlights:

Tan has worked within the law and finance fields for over ten years and she or he considers these years to be the time that has formed the method that she thinks currently.  Her day-after-day skills like pitching, negotiating, multi-tasking, etc square measure all a results of that amount. Tan believes that a career in finance and law offers someone a really robust work ethic, stamina, and discipline thanks to years of persistent toil.

She was denote to China in 2009 for the primary time as a young professional person and fell taken with with the active energy that the country radiates. She affected to the center East following the aftermath of a money crisis together with her firm’s biggest shopper. Her time there was spent in negotiations with quasi-sovereign borrowers to recover Brobdingnagian outstanding debts. it had been a formative expertise for her as she spent the complete year learning concerning strategy, negotiations, and techniques. She’s done multiple stints on the bottom in continent and London advising non-profit organizations and charities on business transformation and property. These experiences ordered the groundwork for her for the non-profit work she will nowadays.

Tan affected to Peiping in 2013 to figure on One Belt One Road Investments that diagrammatic Chinese state shoppers. She met a gaggle of ladies there UN agency had all browse ‘Lean In’ by Sheryl Sandberg and set to make the primary Lean In community in China. They still face barriers and challenges, some coupled to women’s internal barriers. She accomplished that girls needed to affix however failed to wish to guide the organization. one among the most important challenges was to encourage and incentivize ladies leaders to require the stage. alternative challenges were associated with understanding the wants of the community as a full and guaranteeing that the wants square measure continuing to be met.

In 2015, a gaggle of members from Lean In China embarked upon a project to conduct a startup competition in Peiping for girls school entrepreneurs. They failed to expect that the primary year itself would foster partnerships with the highest players within the Chinese startup scheme. In 2016, Lean In China control constant startup competition in four countries and control the finals in geographic region with the highest VCs like Tim bargainer as judges. This year marked the beginning of the She Loves school whole and therefore the competition has currently unfold to eight international locations – the biggest startup competition of its kind globally for girls school entrepreneurs – and supplementary the worldwide conference in Peiping. Tan hopes to bring the competition to a lot of locations in continent, Middle East, and Europe.

In her personal life, Tan radiates calm energy. She enjoys reading before bed, paying attention to jazz, and exploring new places within the town that she lives in. She conjointly enjoys occasional solo jaunt unpopular places. She includes a hang for traveling and adapting to totally different|completely different} environments having lived in numerous different countries herself and she or he believes that the secret is to be versatile so as to be able to adapt quickly and to figure laborious at the barrier. Understanding the culture is essential to ability. 

Tan is an ardent reader and a number of of her favorites embody ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘The Inheritance of Loss’ by Kiran Desai, ‘The deposit of  Innocence’ by Orhan Pamuk.