Driven by passion for innovation and positive impact

Mirna Sleiman is the founder and CEO of Fintech Galaxy, a crowdsourcing platform devoted to the fintech industry.

Mirna Sleiman

Founder & CEO – Fintech Galaxy

Mirna Sleiman is that the founder and company government of Fintech Galaxy.She has over fifteen years of experience in government relations, business strategy, digital communications and journalism. Driven by passion for innovation and positive impact, Mirna contains a documentation in leading digital transformation comes, commerce comms ways in which and world partnerships with public and private entities, that focus on knowledge economy development, regulatory infrastructure and financial markets. Managed public sector business for Thomson Reuters across twenty 2 MENA countries and partnered with international organizations to push innovation and social modification. Spent over 10 years as a financial journalist with Reuters, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal and Zawya.  Certified from university university in Fintech and ecommerce, and Digital commerce and Communications from university. Mirna has associate govt Master in Business Administration from university of London in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Mirna Sleiman is that the founder and CEO of Fintech Galaxy, a crowdsourcing platform that aims to attach the fintech scheme. Sleiman has over fifteen years of expertise in government relations, business strategy, digital communications, and journalism, largely at intervals the MENA region. Driven by a passion for innovation and positive impact, Sleiman contains a chronicle in leading digital transformation comes, promoting communication ways, and world partnerships with public and personal entities, with a specific target economic development, restrictive infrastructure, and monetary markets. She has antecedently served because the Head of the govt Sector and Head of Business Development at Thomson Reuters across MENA. Currently, she sits on the planning board of the Union of Arab Banks and MENA analysis Partners.

An interview with Mirna Sleiman;

What galvanized you to start out Fintech Galaxy and what were the most challenges you long-faced within the method of doing so?

 Sleiman: I’m a awfully ardent person driven by impact and therefore the number result of connecting folks. I’ve enjoyed this as a journalist and through my stint within the government world. I’ve continually had a dream to start out my very own company that will digitise me… I wished to form this passion and want a reality, to impact and alter as several lives as attainable. That’s wherever the concept of a crowdsourcing platform came from.

Can you tell U.S.A. concerning your leadership at Thomson Reuters (as Head of presidency Sector and Head of Business Development) and a few of the initiatives you led?

Sleiman: I spent 3 years at Thomson Reuters on the industrial aspect wherever I diode the strategic relations and public policy operate for 2 years so the govt sector within the MENA region. I get pleasure from handling the general public sector as a result of no matter you are doing has a sway on economies instead of specific corporations. it had been difficult as a result of the corporate wasn’t back-geared to wear down long transformative comes however we tend to had a good time advising entities in countries just like the UAE, Asian nation, Egypt, and Bahrain on transformative comes. we tend to helped Malta screen candidates for its citizenship program victimization our compliance tools, we tend to additionally worked with Egypt’s ministry of finance on tax comes, suggested the UAE government on its innovation strategy, and contributed to Dubai’s success in turning into the worldwide capital of the monotheism economy.

In your opinion, what ar some key opportunities in fintech going forward?


It is associate degree exciting year for money technology globally. we’ll see additional regulators gap up sandboxes and permitting the experimentation of digital currencies. we’ll additionally see massive technology corporations like IBM and Microsoft investment in fintech startups. the center East region can become additional mature and heaps additional enticing to world fintech players designing enlargement on the far side the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. we tend to additionally see hubs like urban center, Abu Dhabi, and Bahrain enjoying an even bigger role in connecting Asian and African fintech markets.

What ar some distinctive aspects of the fintech house within the UAE?

Sleiman: UAE is that the most refined fintech market across the center east region. It enjoys a thirty % market share, followed by Jordan and Egypt. The UAE has 2 major fintech hubs…the United Arab Emirates’s capital world Market and DIFC Hive. each ar attracting world and native fintech startups and enjoying a major role in connecting startups to banks, and to investors.

Can you observe one lady United Nations agency has compact your life?

Sleiman: I can’t consider a girl United Nations agency had a major impact on my life apart from my ma. She was a job model and she or he established  in ME the love and compassion required to survive life and learn from its lessons. I took from my ma the temperament, the infinite want to relinquish, and therefore the curiosity to be additional and to try and do additional. She passed on to the great beyond four years agone however her soul is with ME day and night.

What recommendation does one have for people curious about digital selling and strategic informative  professions?

Sleiman: Digital selling is currently a part of each business and it’s the longer term. whereas the universal selling principles and strategy development techniques ar still an equivalent, new selling tools ar currently required to deal with the delicate client. i counsel all entrepreneurs United Nations agency have a dream to chase that and create it a reality… there’s no excellent time. these days is pretty much as good as tomorrow…just copulate and create it higher supported market feedback.

What ar your favorite books, websites, films, and resources?

Mirna Sleiman: I’m hooked in to reading…my kindle is my relief. I scan religious books for Osho and that i like Dan Brown…sometimes unwind with Daniel Steele. I play squash, love recreation, and do heaps of meditation in nature. observance sunrises and sunsets is my medical aid. It’s fascinating however the sun goes to rest and wakes up following day recent and new. Even the darkest night can finish and therefore the sun can rise. Life may be a series of thousands of little miracles and there’s continually one thing to be grateful for.